Arts Faculty

Head of Faculty: Mr R. Crimins

The Arts faculty is one of four faculties at MIHS and provides a range of subjects from creative arts to performance arts. The subjects of the faculty are Art and Design, Physical Education, Design and Technology, Health and Social Studies, Music and the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification.

Arts Faculty

Art & Design

Head of Department: Mrs K Lonergan
Art is key outlet for creativity and within Art at MIHS students study a wide variety of topics and use a range of different and exciting materials. They focus on developing their drawing skills as well as learning new techniques that help to build a solid base of knowledge for GCSE Art and Design. At Key stage 4, students can choose to study the WJEC Art and Design GCSE qualification.


Head of Department: Mrs E Dyer
Studying Drama allows pupils to develop the following skills: Self – confidence, imagination, creativity, concentration, problem solving, trust, self-discipline, team work and memory. These are all skills that pupils will use for the rest of their lives. Drama taught at Key Stage 3 and students are able to study the WJEC Drama GCSE Qualification at Key Stage 4.

Design & Technology

Head of Department: Mr M Rayer
Design and Technology covers a range of different areas, such as Electronics, Graphics, Resistant Materials and Cookery. Students have the option to continue studying Design Technology in Key stage 4 where they can study the WJEC Resistant Materials Course.

Physical Education

Head of Department: Mr R Crimmins
The Mary Immaculate PE department aims to provide activities in a safe and enjoyable environment. Every student, regardless of ability, is fully challenged through well planned and differentiated learning objectives. All students are required to take two lessons a week of PE at Key Stage 4 but are also able to take additional PE courses as part of their option choices.

Health & Social Care

Head of Department: Mrs K Lonergan
Health and Social Care is offered as a Key Stage 4 option choice. It encourages learners to be inspired, moved and changed by a broad, satisfying and worthwhile course of study and gain an insight into related sectors. Prepare learners to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices. GCSE Health and Social Care enables learners to actively engage in the processes of health and social care, to develop as effective and independent learners, Understand aspects of personal development, and the health, social care and early years sectors, through investigation and evaluation of a range of services and organisations.

Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification

Head of Department: Mrs E Dyer
The skills challenge certificate is mandatory qualification that all students will study during Year 9, 10 and 11. During the course students will develop essential skills that they will need for further education and the world of work.