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Fantastic GCSE results at Mary Immaculate High School

Fantastic GCSE results at Mary Immaculate High School

There were smiles and cheers all round this morning at Mary Immaculate High School in Cardiff, where pupils in Year 9, 10 & 11 were collecting their GCSE results. The school was delighted in the achievements of its pupils, who this year secured some of the best progress from KS3 into KS4. The school saw a rise of 2% in the number of pupils achieving either A*s or As and a significant number of pupils achieving the new Skills Challenge Certificate. A testament to the hard work and dedication of both pupils and staff throughout the year.

The joy and relief of the Mary Immaculate pupils after many hours of hard work was clear for all to see this morning; Leighton Newton (Head Boy) upon receiving his results said, ‘I worked hard when I needed to and now it has all paid off. I am so pleased I managed to achieve 11 A* and A grades. I am off to the next step in my education by studying A Level Physics, Chemistry, Biology & History at St Davids Sixth Form College. I am extremely grateful for all of the help and support I received during my time at Mary Immaculate’. His twin brother, Anthony also did extremely well and was overjoyed upon gaining 6 A grades and 2 A*s which means that he can take up his offer to also attend St Davids Sixth From College studying A Level Physics, Double Maths & Philosophy. “I would like to say a huge thank you to my teachers and the school for their academic, emotional and spiritual support over the years, I am absolutely delighted!” A delighted Chloe Cummings, a Year 11 pupil who gained a total of 13 GCSE and equivalent qualifications was beaming with excitement having achieved a total of 7 As and A*s. “I have loved every minute of my time at Mary Immaculate and I am grateful for all the support and encouragement from my friends, family and teachers and can’t wait to begin the next steps in my higher education studying A-level French, Welsh, Law & Psychology.” We would also like to give a special mention to Jacques Marquis in Year 10 who amazingly achieved two grade As at A-level in Maths and an A* in GCSE Maths.

Headteacher, Huw Powell said: “We are delighted with the today’s results and would like to congratulate our hard working students on their outstanding success. We have an exceptional team of dedicated staff who are passionate about what they do and provide outstanding care, support and guidance to our students. Our aim is to provide the youngsters at Mary Immaculate with the most challenging, effective and well-rounded education we can.” We send our very best wishes to all of our students in their future destinations in education, employment or training.”

This year’s success builds on the positive performance at the school. Mary Immaculate has remained in the top categorisation for the last three years running, achieving Green 1A. Mary Immaculate has been identified as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ and continues to support other schools locally and regionally with teaching, learning & leadership. The school was inspected by ESTYN in May 2015 and received an excellent inspection report with ESTYN commenting on the exceptional progress made and the clear and persistent focus on pupil achievement. The schools’ Bridge facility was also identified as an area of Sector Leading Practice.

The School’s core purpose is to “achieve the best for all”. This philosophy is at the heart of everything that the school does for each member of its community. Teachers have high expectations of students and provide bespoke support and guidance to ensure that students at Mary Immaculate High School succeed at everything they do.