School Building

This year MIHS has begun offering ‘Enrichment’ lessons. These lessons are to give our pupils a chance to develop new skills and talents that they would not usually cover in the curriculum. Teachers were asked to offer classes that would give pupils opportunities to explore new areas of work and essential skills. The courses on offer include first aid, sign language, gardening, textiles and confectionery.

Within the cakes and confectionery course, pupils spend 12 weeks with Miss Gallagher researching and creating
different sweet treats including cupcakes, fudge, rocky road and moulded chocolates. In the last 4 weeks of the course pupils spend time designing and making a 4 layered cake in groups of 3.

The pupils bake the sponges, make buttercream, stack the cakes and decorate them in their own style. This term pupils have created amazing cakes that show off their new skills and creative flair!

Enrichment Lessons