Environmental Sustainable Development & Global Citizenship known as ESDGC is a key area of school life at Mary Immaculate High School. We feel that ESDGC is about:

  • The needs and rights of both present and future generations
  • Global issues such as climate change, environmental depletion, human rights, conflict and democracy
  • The local and global implications of our actions both as individuals and as the wider school community and what we can do as a school community can do in response to these issues

When breaking this down we decided to learn about:

  • The natural environment
  • Consumption and waste
  • Climate change
  • Wealth and poverty
  • culture & & diversity
  • Choice and decisions
  • Health

Pupils’ have the opportunity to learn about ESDGC through their lessons and through extra-curricular activities. We currently have three ESDGC related initiatives that help support and promote ESDGC. They include Eco-Schools, Healthy Schools and the Fair Trade initiative. Key staff include Mr Richards (Assistant Head), Mrs Davey (Healthy Schools Co-ordinator), Ms Wheeler (Fair Trade Co-ordinator) & Mr Troote (Eco Schools Co-ordinator)

Mi Eco Code!


Pupil Voice

Pupil voice is the driving force behind many of our school initiatives. We currently have an Eco Schools & Fair Trade Action Group which is supported by our School Parliament.








A few years ago our school had very few habitats for our local wildlife.

As a school we are in the processes of setting up an eco-garden where we can grow our own plants and produce.

We would one day like to be able to plant our own flowers around school and use our own produce.


Our school was built in the early 2000’s.

The eco-committee regular monitors our energy use as a school. Campaigns such as ‘Switch off fortnight’ are introduced to encourage pupils to close doors and windows. We are also taking part in an energy use study with Cardiff University.

We would love to introduce more energy efficient technologies to our school.

Global Perspectives


Previously our global perspectives as a school focused on trips abroad such as the French Department’s trip to Disneyland Paris, the History Department’s trip to Berlin and the Skiing trip to France.

Global Citizenship features highly in our schools curriculum. We also participate in Fair Trade Fortnight to promote inequality in the world.

As a school we would like to continue to promote international links and twin with schools in the 3rd world.

Healthy Living


Healthy living has always been  seen as important but as a school we did not used to be part of many initiatives and schemes.

Today in school pupils are offered well balanced meals. Fair Trade products are also available to students and recently a ‘Healthy Living Club’ has been set up. We also have a 5x60 officer who visits school to promote sporting events. We are also accredited Healthy School’s Phase 5.

We would like to continue to promote Healthy Living in our school by encouraging more pupils to get involved in the Healthy Eating Club and a higher percentage of pupils participating in extracurricular activities.


Litter is always a problem in schools but previously pupils were able to take their lunch out of the canteen causing extensive amounts of litter around the school.

We regularly promote litter campaigns (Year 7 – Re-hash your trash / Year 8 – Litter Collage Competition) in school and monitor litter levels throughout the year. Pupils now eat their meals in the hall and canteen and there is a high concentration of bins near exists.

As a school we need to continue to reduce litter levels and would look to create a rota for litter pickers in the school. We would like to also upgrade our litter picking equipment.

School Grounds

Our school is situated on a very large site and have around 800 pupils crossing the site.

A new seating area is looking to be introduced to allow students to eat their packed lunch outside. We have also added additional plants to our school site.

We need to continue to work on improving our school grounds. A focus could be to grow our own flowers and plants in our eco-garden then re-plant the flowers and bushes around the school site.


A high percentage of pupils are bussed into school due to our large catchment area.

A transport plan was drawn up between the eco-committee and the local council in order to improve safety around the school site. A no parking area has been designated around the front and side of the school and is regularly monitored by the Police. We have taken part in road safety week and pupils who cycle to school have also attended a cycling safety session to ensure they are safe when they cycle to school.

We need to continue to promote safe travel and sustainable transport. We would look to increase car sharing wherever possible and for pupils to walk and cycle to school.


Due to the large number of pupils and size of our school site waste is a problem. Previously all of our waste was collected by the council.

Waste paper recycling bins are available in all classrooms.  We also recycle plastic and have a food waste bin available in our staffroom. Teachers are also encouraged to purchase school resources which come from a sustainable source.

We need to continue to encourage students to dispose of their waste in a sustainable manner. The focus would be to get more students to put the correct waste in the correct bins. We are also aiming to increase the amount of waste that is reused for projects around the school.


Water consumption in schools is high due to the number of pupils and staff within the school. Previously toilets had normal taps which would run until they were turned off.

Water conservation campaigns are promoted by the schools eco-committee and taps now have a time shut off valve to reduce water consumption.

To further reduce our water consumption we would like to introduce ‘water hippos’.


We currently have three ESDGC related initiatives that help support and promote ESDGC. They include Eco-Schools, Healthy Schools and the Fair Trade initiative. Clicking a heading below will tell you more about each initiative.

Member of Staff – Mrs Davey (Healthy Schools Co-ordinator)

Mary Immaculate High School is a member of the Cardiff Healthy Schools Network. We have recently been award Phase 5 in the Healthy Schools initiative. Through the Healthy Schools programme the school has achieved a number of top awards including in 2013 the school was very proud 

to receive a special award for significant work in Mental and Emotional Health & Wellbeing. Notable awards have also including the Bridge Facility being shortlisted for the Cardiff Inspire Awards and one of our pupils’ achieved pupil of the year award.

Member of Staff – Mr Troote (Eco Schools Co-ordinator)

The Eco Schools scheme is an important aspect of school life at Mary Immaculate. The scheme has been running for a number of years and continues to build momentum.

Our Eco Committee has achieved the International Bronze & is working towards our Silver award. They are hoping to go for Green Flag status in the next 12 months.

Member of Staff – Ms Wheeler (Fair Trade Co-ordinator)

Our school is committed to supporting, using and promoting Fairtrade, wherever possible. We believe that Fairtrade can make a difference to the lives of young people throughout the world by improving living and working conditions for the people who grow the things we buy.

Our school will:

  • Ensure that Fairtrade and Fairtrade issues, and the concept of ‘fairness’, are embedded into the culture of the school.
  • Promote Fairtrade in the school and wider community, by taking part in Fairtrade Fortnight, completing Fairtrade Challenges and highlighting Fairtrade activities in newsletters
  • Use Fairtrade products around the school wherever possible
  • Work towards becoming a Fair Aware School in the next 12 months

Action Plan

Our targets for this year:

Target Description
Reduce Litter Anti-Litter campaign. (Launched this term). New Bins. Map and continue to monitor.
Transport Learn about way we can use sustainable transport. Also look to improve transport and look at safe ways to travel.
Healthy Living Continue to be healthy and active in our lives.




The Eco & Fair Trade group continued to promote operation Christmas Child. Over the last few years momentum has built up and this year we managed to send over 140 gift shoe boxes.
Careau Lane is a road which many of our pupils’ walk along to get to school. Before our campaign pupils’ had to walk either on an overcroweded footpath or on a muddy slippery path. The School Parliament & Eco Committee launched an online campign which gained over 1000 signatures including the local AM. As a result Cardiff Coucnil improved the pedestrian access along the road.
Our Eco Committee decided that they wanted to continue to work towards our target of improving transport. As a result the whole school received assemblies and completed tutorial activities on road safety. A group of students who cycle to school were also asked to bring their bikes for a basic cycle awareness training led by Mr Peachey.
We started our litter campaign in 2016. The Eco Committee were asked to monitor current litter hotspots. A map was drawn up and targetted areas for litter were identified. As a result over 40 external bins were ordered. Since then the Eco Committee have continued to monitor litter around school. The red areas on the map show the new bin locations and the largest red squares show areas of the school with a significant number of bins. These are located near the entrance and exists which pupils can enter and leave the building from the canteen. The Eco committee have noticed a significant reduction in litter around the court yard and play ground.