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Excellent GCSE Results

Pupils and staff at Mary Immaculate High School are celebrating yet another year of excellent GCSE results.  Headteacher, Huw Powell said “We are delighted with the results that our pupils have achieved today.  We have an exceptional team of dedicated staff who are passionate about what they do and provide outstanding care, support and guidance to our students.  This year’s success builds on the positive performance the school has seen over the last 6 years.”

The school is going from success to success and is celebrating 72% of its pupils achieving at least 5 grade Cs or above with 99% of pupils leaving the school with a GCSE or equivalent qualification. Today’s results show a 10% increase on last year’s performance.  Some notable successes include the school’s Head boy and Head girl, Shandes and Ore, who both achieved 16 GCSE results at C grade or above, between them gaining, 7A*s, 7As, 13Bs, and 5Cs.  Another notable success is the Deputy Head boy, Jacques who gained 6A*s, 6As, 3Bs and 2C grades.  In addition, Jacques also achieved a grade A in his A level Maths, two years earlier than most A level students!  The school is celebrating record A* and A grade performances with nearly 13% of pupils leaving with at least 5 GCSEs at the highest grades.  This is a 5% increase on last year.  Other results worthy of praise include Talal, who gained the highest number of A* grades across the school achieving 8 in total with an additional 4 As, 3 Bs and a C to add to his overall tally.  He is followed closely by Rahul and Rhys who both gained 7A*s, 5As and 4Bs.  Congratulations to a number of girls who are also celebrating today:  Carys achieving 6A*s, 6As and 4Bs as well as Elise with 6A*s, 3As and 6Bs.  Elise achieved these exceptional results whilst balancing her commitment to kayaking, where she is national champion and Olympic hopeful.

Mary Immaculate has been identified as a category 1A school for four years running and is considered a ‘Centre of Excellence’ continuing its support of other schools locally and regionally with teaching, learning & leadership.  The school was inspected by ESTYN in May 2015 and received an excellent inspection report with ESTYN commenting on the exceptional progress made and the clear and persistent focus on pupil achievement.  The school’s Bridge facility was also identified as an area of Sector Leading Practice.  The School’s core purpose is to “achieve the best for all”.  This philosophy is at the heart of everything that the school does for each member of its community.  Teachers have high expectations of students and provide bespoke support and guidance to ensure that students at Mary Immaculate High School succeed at everything they do.