GCSE Consultation 2020

The school is consulting on whether we should begin the Options process with Year 8, to begin GCSE and other qualifications in Year 9. We propose that this would begin in September 2020. A letter will shortly be sent to all parents outlining the details.

An email will also be sent to everyone who has provided a current email address to the school, this will include a link to an online survey form so that you as Parents can give your opinion on this Consultation. Due to the length of the online form address we will only provide the form link via Email.

To update your Email address click  HERE  or call us on: 029 20593465

Otherwise please Email : admin@maryimmaculate.cardiff.sch.uk

The reasons we think this is a good idea are:

Some courses have too little time to deliver all the content and assessment – especially where those subjects are not taught in lower school (e.g. Business Studies or Media Studies).

  1. More time for content and enrichment will mean better outcomes for pupils.
  2. There are fewer opportunities for enrichment activities in some GCSE courses (e.g. trips, visits etc) due to the limited time for the course content.
  3. Some subjects (e.g. Science and RE) already begin in year 9 with no ill effects.
  4. It might give the opportunity to have more suggested options or additional GCSEs or other courses.
  5. Many local schools have already made this change or are doing so.

Pupils would continue to have the same number of options choices (3) and the same number of available courses (21).  Other subjects would be unaffected – although PE would become an examined course for all.  Core subjects such as Maths and English would not change, nor would Welsh, RE or Science.

GCSEs and other courses would then become three year courses – exams will still be held in year 11 for the most part.  The course content and assessment would not change in this proposal – there would just be longer to complete it.

The school would value your opinion regarding this but would also appreciate your views.  This is one part of the consultation; there will also be a parental meeting where you can give your views or ask questions.

Staff and Governors are currently undertaking this consultation.  Pupils will also be asked to complete a preferred option Form.

This consultation will run to February 7th

Parental Consultation GCSE Document

Pupil Consultation GCSE Document