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As well as a focus on excellence in academic success, we place great emphasis on the need for pupils to further develop their talents and social skills by taking part in the many after school activities we have available. All of our after school activities take place between 3.30 and 4.15pm (unless another time is specified) Monday to Thursday. We also provide a homework bus which comes at 4.30pm for any pupils who normally catch a bus to school. 


The after school opportunities currently available to students beyond the normal classroom are as follows:



  • Weightlifting and Fitness 7.50am – 8.30am

  • Basketball

  • Chill Club 

  • Homework Club

Science Lesson


  • Weightlifting and Fitness 7.50am – 8.30am

  • Drama Club

  • Homework Club

Digital Technology Lesson


  • Weightlifting and Fitness 7.50am – 8.30am

  • Textiles and Craft club 

  • Football

  • Girls Rugby & Netball - KS4

  • Homework Club

PE Lesson Briefing


  • Weightlifting and Fitness 7.50am – 8.30am

  • Boys Rugby & Netball KS4

  • Chess & Puzzle club

  • Digital Leaders

  • Cookery Club

  • Homework Club

Cooking Lesson

After School Activities


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