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Pupils in Science lesson

It is imperative that all pupils come to school fully prepared with all the equipment that they need to learn. These include a sturdy, waterproof school bag; a pencil case with pens and pencils; ruler, eraser; geometry kit (available from supermarkets) and calculator.


We accept that pupils may want to bring their devices with them to use at the appropriate times and pupils are entitled to bring their mobile phones and other electronic devices to school.


Mobile phones must not be used in lessons. They must not be seen or used between lessons. Phones and devices which ‘go off’ during lessons will be confiscated until the end of the day or longer for persistent occurrences. Please be aware that in all cases, the device remains the responsibility of the pupil and the school cannot be held liable for any loss, breakage or theft.

Headphones are banned both in lessons and in between lessons.




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