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Being numerate is about being able to apply number and mathematical approaches in everyday life. Numeracy is crucial to the success of individuals in both their career aspirations and their quality of life. Strong numeracy skills are closely linked to the probability of having a good job, good earnings and access to training opportunities. The complexity of today’s world means that students leaving Mary Immaculate High School need to be proficient in their understanding of number, calculations and problem solving skills.   

Fluency in Numeracy allows pupils to see the links with numbers across all subjects and establishes the importance of number both in school life and beyond. At Mary Immaculate High School teachers work together, using a common language and approach to improve every students’ confidence in numeracy and to encourage a positive resilient attitude towards all aspects of numeracy and problem solving.   

At Mary immaculate High School every child’s progress in numeracy is closely monitored at least twice a year.  With this data being used to inform and shape lessons across the curriculum, with staff always supporting and nurturing pupils in their learning.  Where necessary, some pupils will receive extra interventions such as one to one support. 

During your child's time at Mary Immaculate your child will be given a password to use the TTRockstars, and Mathswatch websites, which you can explore with them, to improve any areas of mathematics they are using in class or are less confident with.  Through our curriculum we aim to assist pupils in developing their transferable mathematical skills whilst helping students to discover that numeracy is not solely applicable in maths, it is embedded across all areas of school and in everyday life. 

To help your child develop their numeracy skills further we suggest you follow these three top tips -

Tip 1 - Be positive about maths. Help your pupil realise they can do it! The harder YOU try, the better YOU will get. 


Tip 2 - Pupils have fortnightly Maths / Numeracy Homework(s), on the Mathswatch website. By engaging with the homework your child’s recall and confidence in class will improve – ensure your child is in a quiet place where they can concentrate independently or attempt to work through problems together. Use the numerous videos on the website to help you. 


Tip 3 - Do a little bit and often! More than most other subjects, in Maths and Numeracy you have to be active, doing, solving, making connections, and learning.  It’s the only way to build skill and understanding. 



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