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Here at Mary Immaculate High School we are fully committed to the safeguarding of children – ensuring the wellbeing of the child is paramount. For pupils to feel that they are able to do their best and achieve their true potential, it is important that they feel safe and supported in our school environment. Everyone working within our school, whatever their role, is acutely aware of the issues to do with the protection of children are of the highest possible importance.

We ensure that our pupils feel secure, are encouraged to talk, are listened to and are safe. Throughout our curriculum, we provide activities and opportunities that equip our children to stay safe and develop essential life skills.


Mr R. Corcoran is our Child Protection Officer and any concerns about the welfare of a pupil should either be immediately passed on to him at;

Or to one of the following members of the safeguarding team:

  • Mr H. Powell

  • Mrs A. Wilson

  • Mrs T. Churchill

  • Mrs L. Saleh

  • Mrs N. Yassien




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