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At Mary Immaculate we organise our school subject areas into four key faculties of learning. To find out more information about each of the subject these faculties contain please click on the links shown below.


Head of Faculty - Mrs V. Carey

Subjects - English, Digital Technology, Welsh and French


Within the communication faculty, students study language / communication focusing on their ability to read, write and use language to communicate effectively in English, Welsh, French and IT.  The faculty aims to provide students with the opportunities, skills to make them successful in the classroom and in the outside world too. 

RE and Humanities

Head of Faculty - Mrs E. Ballantyne

Subjects - RE, Geography and History


Through learning humanities students learn how to think creatively and critically, to reason, and to ask questions. As a Catholic school, Humanities are very important to us. Here students Learn Religious education which is at the heart of everything we do. Students also learn history and geography, providing them a sense of place heritage, helping them to better understand the world they live in.  

Maths and Science

Head of Faculty - Mrs A. Lawerence

Subjects - Maths and Science


The subjects of this faculty are Mathematics and Science. Mathematics and Science are both core subjects, and vital within life. Mathematics is used every day from just looking at the time, to working out how much change you have left, whereas Science helps students to understand the world around them.


Head of Faculty - Mr R. Crimmins

Subjects - Art, Drama, Music, Business Studies, Media Studies, PE, Health and Social Care, DT & Skills Challenge Certificate

The Arts faculty provides a range of subjects from creative arts to performance arts. The subjects of the faculty are Art and Design, Physical Education, Design and Technology, Health and Social Studies, Music and the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification.  

Wellbeing & Enrichment

Head of Faculty - Mrs T. Churchill

Subjects - PSE, Enrichment, The Bridge, Attendance & Counselling

The Wellbeing and Enrichment faculty provides a range of subjects and services to support students in their studies. The subjects in this faculty include PSE and Enrichment. This faculty also includes our bridge, attendance and counselling services.

Geography Lesson
Maths and Science
Counselling Session



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