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Pupils outside school

Here at Mary Immaculate we are committed to being guardians of our environment. This year our Eco club are looking at Water-how we can save water, Sustainable transport and Improving the Environment of the school and the community.


Students have the opportunity to develop their understanding and awareness of our responsibilities as both individuals and as a community throughout the academic year.


Most of the experiences are student-led, which gives students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and teamwork with peers and staff they don’t usually work with and create new relationships inside and outside of school.


Our commitment to being an eco-friendly school is not just limited to the Eco Club, being guardians of our world is in everything we do, for example in Enrichment pupils can choose gardening or cycling and the canteen uses produce grown in the school memorial garden to create delicious meals!


Below is the Eco code created by the Eco Club:

Make a difference

Always look after our planet

Relax, keep calm and turn the lights off

Your impact matters



Improve and maintain the grounds of our school

Make use of recycling bags

Maximise the use of natural resources

Adopt healthier lifestyles

Compost your fruit and veg



Understand what YOU can do to help

Lets do it by working together

Always reduse, reuse and recycle

Think about people in other countries

Environmentally friendly

Pupils outside school

Eco Schools


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