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As well as a focus on excellence in academic success, we place great emphasis on the need for pupils to reflect on their work and futures and enjoy themselves. Pupils are encouraged to further develop their talents and social skills by taking part in the many extra-curricular activities available.


At Mary Immaculate, we provide opportunities for pupils to take part in a wide variety of sports and exercise, including rugby, football, basketball, athletics, gymnastics, netball and baseball. This encourages a lifelong interest in the benefits of staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle.


Music and Drama thrive with pupils gaining pleasure and success from taking part in various shows and festivals, as well as our annual school production. There are dozens of trips, visits and clubs, including events at the theatre, trips to Berlin and Disneyworld, Duke of Edinburgh, conferences for more able and talented pupils, Fairtrade, Eco-school and Chess clubs. There are also opportunities to be involved in work in our local community.

A flavour of the opportunities currently available to students beyond the normal classroom day can be viewed by accessing the link shown below.


After School Activities

Year 11 Revision Timetable




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