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Here at Mary Immaculate High School, we firmly believe in building positive relationships founded on the gospel values of respect, care, compassion and love. We want to provide our pupils with a safe and secure learning environment which ensures learning is at the heart of everything that we do. Every pupil is responsible for their own actions and needs to ensure they develop the key attitudes and behaviours that will help them learn. We expect pupils to remain focused on their own learning and ensure they challenge themselves in order to meet their potential.  

Our classroom expectations are for pupils to: 

  • Be ready to learn, remain focused and avoid distractions 

  • Have a positive attitude and be keen to make progress 

  • Show ambition, confidence and resilience when challenged 

  • Be able to work Independently and as part of a group 

  • Respect others and listen carefully to instructions


In order to ensure that our classroom expectations are met we use a staged approach. Stages are designed to support pupils modify behaviour while maintaining an effective learning environment. 

  • Stage 1 – Formal warning issued to a pupil 

  • Stage 2 – Pupil is asked to move seats within the classroom 

  • Stage 3 – Pupil is paired to another classroom and an imposition follows. 


If the above stages have been used or an incident occurs, then Learning Walk will be called for. This can result in pupils being place in Internal Exclusion, where parents will be contacted. 


Behaviour for Learning


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