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Mary Immaculate is a fully inclusive school. Our aim is to ensure that each pupil is supported to achieve the very best they can, and for some, that may mean having a little extra help. 

Mrs Sanger the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator, leads a team of staff who provide this bespoke support. This team offer a wide range of interventions, some of which are literacy, numeracy and dyslexia support. 

You will find the Inclusion department in the LRC, a hub for learning, and where our Library is situated, here you may have interventions, come for a book to read or have some lessons.   

As we are a fully inclusive school we have an accessible building for learners and there are a series of enabled toilets and changing rooms.


Parents of pupils with disabilities should contact Mrs Sanger at the school so that we can discuss individual needs. Similarly, parents of pupils who have a temporary healthcare need which affects their mobility should contact the relevant Head of Year so that suitable arrangements can be made.  

If you feel you would like to find out more information about additional learning then please click here.


Additional Learning Needs


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