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Religious Service

At Mary Immaculate spirituality is at the centre of everything we do. We show respect, care, compassion and love to one another no matter what our faith may be. 

To support pupils with their faith journey we are very fortunate to have our own Wellbeing and Spirituality Assistant, Ore Egbetola. Ore is a past pupil of Mary Immaculate and left school in 2018 and re-joined our community in 2022.


During Ore's time as a pupil in our school, Ore served as Head Girl and participated in a wide number of projects across our school community. During this time Ore, experienced some difficult events in her personal life, and thanks to hard work, the care, compassion and love of our school community she left school with 15 A*-C GCSE grades, an amazing achievement. Ore in her new role is now looking to give back to the school community.

Ore's role in school is to provide confidential counselling and lead charity work across our school community. Ore is always working on a number of projects and looks to get pupils involved in this work to help develop their  transferable skill set and faith journey.


Ore operates an open-door policy and always ensures she is available to support pupils and staff whatever the issue may be.

Work in the Communuity



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