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In October 2023, the school received a visit from Estyn, the Schools Inspectorate.  Over the course of a week, seven inspectors looked at lessons and books and spoke to pupils, staff and parents about the quality of education and support at Mary Immaculate.  Following this the school received a glowing report from the Inspectors about the quality of what it strived to offer with leadership, care, support and safeguarding and professional learning (among many others) praised.  The school received two recommendations for case studies – on how Mary Immaculate reduces the impact of poverty on attainment (including our Bridge and the enrichment curriculum) and on Professional Learning. 


Quotes from the report, include:


“Mary Immaculate High School is a warm and inclusive learning community where pupils and staff feel welcome and valued. Pupils enjoy coming to school and parents feel that their children are happy and well cared for, with strong provision for wellbeing and support.” 

“Leaders have a heartfelt commitment to equity and build their priorities around how best to enable all pupils to participate and succeed, whatever their background and social context. This mission underpins the strong supportive systems in the school. The headteacher leads with zeal and vigour, driven by moral purpose. The shared vision and ambition for learners is realised and enacted by a highly effective leadership team.” 

“All leaders demonstrate a heartfelt commitment to improving the life chances of pupils and providing them with experiences of the highest quality, underpinned by Catholic values. This commitment is embraced fully by staff and governors, who share this vision and understand the important difference that a positive school experience can make to the lives of the young people under their care.. 

The headteacher said:


“This report reflects the strong drive of leadership and the whole school community to support those who need it the most ensuring they achieve at very high levels, opening future opportunities and developing the character of pupils whatever their background.  I pay tribute to our pupils, our parents, all the teaching and support staff and to our school Governors for making Mary Immaculate the school our community needs and deserves”.

 The full report can be seen by clicking here.

The school also received a section 50 Inspection report from the Archdioceses of Cardiff In 2015. A copy of the report is show below.


Estyn / S50


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