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Digital Technology Lesson

Computers are widely used in all aspects of modern life. However their use has become simplified, technology now works automatically and this development in how technology has progressed has left a vacuum. A vacuum has been left as pupils automatically gain ICT skills much earlier than they used to, this doesn’t mean however computer skills are irrelevant, far from it but what learners need to do need is to gain an awareness of how technology actually works.


Our Key Stage 3 Digital Technology course offered by ourselves at Mary Immaculate High School provides learners with the unique opportunity to enhance and build upon the digital competence skills they have developed in Key Stages 1 and 2. Learners therefore gain the knowledge and expertise required to create computer games, mobile apps, websites and animations through a blended learning approach. In addition we also revisit key aspects of the Microsoft Office Suite and E-Safety topics to ensure learners don't just use software safely but they use it effectively in a mature and efficient manner.


All of our lessons within the department take place in a state of the art ICT suite whereby we have access to all the latest software packages learners require in order to produce digital work which is of a high professional standard.

At Key Stage 4 we deliver the GCSE Digital Technology qualification which builds on the knowledge gained at Key Stage 3 so learners can develop their understanding of the range of digital technology systems at use in our connected and globalised society. The specification also allows learners to explore the ever-evolving nature of digital technology systems and consider how these systems can be used productively, creatively and safety.

To view the specification we follow at Key Stage 4 please click here.

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Digital Technology


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