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Maths is a dynamic subject which plays an important role in everyday life. Not only is a GCSE C grade or better necessary for many college applications and career paths, basic mathematical competency is essential for completing daily tasks. From telling the time to calculating your taxes, from designing the latest technology to running a business, maths is all around us.


Here in the maths department at MIHS, we aim to share our passion for mathematics with pupils of all abilities to challenge them and inspire curiosity. Through their work in maths, students will not only develop their number, algebra, geometry and data handling skills, but also test their ability to solve problems, use logic, think critically and analyse information.


Lessons taught in the department are varied with plenty of opportunities to learn through group work, independent investigation, games, and using technology including iPads, Chromebooks. We aim to provide pupils with many life skills which will support them in the future, whatever path they chose after they leave us.

We support and encourage our learners to continue their learning outside the classroom too, all of our learners have access to the vast video library and interactive question pages of the MathsWatch website. Our younger students are also encouraged to join in with regular ‘tournaments’ and ‘battles’ on the Times Tables Rock Stars website (login reminders for both websites can be sent via email at any time). 


Throughout Key Stage Three our cycle of learning gives all pupils access to a pre-skills assessment at the start of each new topic that feeds forward to allow pupils to close the skills gap via home learning as they learn new ideas in class.  


In Key Stage Four our students complete two maths based GCSEs called Mathematics and Mathematics-Numeracy, details of both can be found by following the link shown below:

Key Stage 4 Specification

To support you in your studies please use the link shown below to access the revision resources the department have created for you:

Maths VLE

Pupil working



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