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During the three-year Media Studies course, pupils have the chance to explore a plethora of Media types that expand over a variety of different formats. In Year 9, pupils are introduced to key terminology that is integral to the GCSE Media Studies course. These new terms and ideas will be explored through practical and theoretical tasks to ensure all learners can develop and progress. Pupils in year 9 also begin the Unit 3: Creating Media element of the course which asks pupils to explore a film genre, create their own DVD Front and Back Cover and to write an evaluation that asks them to effectively critique their products.


As pupils enter Year 10, focus turns to Unit 1: Exploring the Media which involves objectively analysing different adverts, video games and newspapers to explore representation, format, and target audiences during Section A of this exam. These are crucial in today's society when Media has such an influence over our day to day lives. Additionally, pupils will explore gender representation in section B of this exam through a contemporary and historical music video.


As pupils enter their third year of this GCSE Media Studies course, as well as revising the key topics of the Unit 1 exam, pupils are introduced to their second exam, Unit 2: Understanding Film and Television. Section A of this exam focuses on how Wales and its people are represented in the Media with especially consideration of the popular television programme 'Gavin and Stacey'. Section B of the exam predominantly explores Hollywood as a major film industry. Pupils will focus on one film that is typical of the Media that is created in Hollywood and through this, look at key Media theorists, subject specific terminology and develop an understanding of how films are constructed.

To find out more information about our GCSE Media Studies course please check out the link shown below:

WJEC GCSE Media Studies


Media Studies


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